What is TFE all about?

Powerful Bible lessons

The primary focus of the TFE is the preaching of God's Word. Each year, speakers from around the nation and the world are invited to share messages designed to challenge, edify, and inspire from the Gospel.

Each day, there are a few select keynote presentations meant for the spiritual nourishing of the entire encampment together as one family.

Dynamic Bible classes

Along with the keynote presentations, at TFE several classes are offered, including classes for our younger campers to several concurrent adult classes, and also classes for our Christian ladies.

The variety of topics offered ensures that there is a subject that can aid every Christian in their own personal walk with Christ.


While study and spiritual growth are the primary focus of the encampment, there are also great opportunities for fellowship and fun with our Christian family. Each afternoon, there is free time to share with our brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as giving the opportunity to explore all the many wonders that God's creation allows throughout the Lake Tahoe area.

Aside from the afternoon free time, special activities are also scheduled, including a BBQ and a Family Fun Night.

Christian resources

Aside from the many Bible lessons and classes offered, several displayers will have Christian resources available in a special section of the Encampment.

These resources include:

  • Freed Hardeman University Bible Bookstore
  • Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver
  • Sunset International Bible Institute
  • Focus Press
  • Publishing Designs, Inc.
  • Various mission outreaches