2018 Speakers

These are the topics and speaking times for the Keynote Speakers of 2018. Check back for more information to follow.

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 11:00 A.M.
9:30 A.M. Keith Parker
"God's Book of Joy"
John Poole
"The Bible: Leads Us to Eternal Life"
Bob Turner
"The Word Has Everything We Need"
Doug Burleson
"God Has Revealed Himself Through His Word"
David Shannon
"The Bible: Our Help to Overcome Sin"
John DeBerry
"The Bible: Man's Source of True Enlightenment"
6:00 P.M. Chris Swinford
"The Bible: Weapon of Our Warfare"
David Hester
"The Bible: God's Solution to Life's Problems"
Ralph Gilmore
"The Bible: God's Eternal Message"
Hi Jones
"The Bible: Our Source of Hope"
Kerry Williams
"The Bible: Trustworthy in All Things"
Joe Wells
"The Bible: The Source of Light in a Dark World"

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